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Final Completion of Void

Can Void every really be complete? Can we really ever fill the Void? That is up to the individual I think. For now though, this project has been a complete success! I have traveled around the world photographing and experiencing everything I could!

What will happen now? Many touch ups of the site, additions and revisions to the photo book that is Project | Table. Although nothing was painted on the Australian continent, the after trip section of Project | Paint should fill up quickly.

Keep an eye out for the written book, photos, paintings and other work that includes this amazing journey through the great wide world!

Thank you all for watching and good night!

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Finally Heading Home To Stay Awhile

It was back to Tucson and more fun times with Brian, Emery, Jared and Keri! I was able to work in the same office I had previously but this time I didn’t get a mustang. The week went smoothly, coming so close to the holidays. I found some time to make a painting for Sune from some photos we had taken before he went back to Denmark.

Brian and I had a relaxing time, visiting some parks and taking many drives across town for a Black Forest Mocha. It takes about 45 minutes to get from where Brian lives to the coffee shop. Let me tell you, it is worth it. We also had another lovely brunch with Emery and his partner Scott. Some familiar faces showed up as well including Jared. No sushi this time but plenty of coffee!

Being it is Christmas Eve, I need to get on a plane. It is time to head home and really call Void to an end. The coming week will be spent on a holiday away from work to get my apartment back in order and to ring in the New Year with some wonderful new plans and an exciting adventure to review. Feeling the urge to paint, I think we will have a few more done rather quickly.

“I have been abroad in many a black night, but never in a blacker.”
- R. L. Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Harmony is so essential. Is there pleasure when there is a passage, there is when every room is open.”
- Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons

This book is, ultimately, the story of how the kind of thinking that I was doing on my bedroom floor became an everyday component of mass entertainment.”
- Steven Johnson, Everything Bad Is Good For You

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Wonderful Unexpected Developments

Sune and I met up and we spent nearly the rest of our time in San Diego together. Matt ended up not being with us but it didn’t stop a good time from happening. Starbucks was our best friend, being in walking distance! We were so glad some things were. As fate would have it we found each other so fascinating we have decided to try to develop a relative long distance relationship. I already work on the road and can go anywhere – and he can as well. We already have plans to see each other after I return to New York City. I’m very excited about this! But first I must return to Tucson, Arizona where Brian, Emery, Jared and Keri are expecting me. Back to the place I keep traveling to!

“You want to win the game, of course, and perhaps you want to see the game’s narrative completed.”
- Steven Johnson, Everything Bad Is Good For You

“I find these moments cringe-inducing, because the emotions are so raw, but also bizarrely hypnotic: these are people who have spent the last six months dreaming of a life-changing event, only to find at the last minute that they’ve fallen short.”
- Steven Johnson, Everything Bad Is Good For You

“This is not, incidentally, a universe of pure numbers. Emotions factor as well.”
- Steven Johnson, Everything Bad Is Good For You

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