Another Beach, Another Sunset

Tonight was another first, a walk on the beach on the west coast. I have been to the coast many times, but this time I had the pleasure of a sunset in nice weather. It made for some fantastic photos! I will be leaving soon for a few days while I meet up with Sune and another traveler Matt that we met back in San Francisco. On to a different part of the city!

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In The Swing

Today Jared and I walked around Balboa Park and checked out a few museums. Although I didn’t snap too many pictures, it was a wonderful day! Work and then go exploring is what Void is all about and it felt good to be back in the mix of things again. For awhile I have been lagging in Void and possibly more to come, but Void seems to be pretty consistent on some levels and it feels great!

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From The Past, Back To The Present

Arrive in San Diego I did, to have Jared greet me at the airport! A nice ride through to his house we went, where I will stay and work for a few days. I managed to create a painting for him in San Francisco which he loved. I thought it was a little too pink for a guy but he liked it and wanted to keep it. I had meant to send him a small painting in the mail but I needed to feel it at the right moment. Instead I created him a larger one.

I was so tired when we arrived that I needed a nap, but only a short one because Jared needed to go on a photo shoot at a local Christmas parade. Here are some pictures I thought came out pretty cool. I was having trouble again, at the worst of times with my camera, but overall I think it came out pretty successful.

“Everyone knows how different we all are from each other.”
- Michael Specter, Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives

“…human beings know more about the world than they can explain via a formal system.”
- Tor Norretranders, The User Illusion

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