World | Preliminary

January 1, 2011:
A. New York, NY — Start
B. San Francisco, CA – bridges, Adam, beaches, guitars, sign language, braille.
C. Honolulu, HI – Volcanoes
D. Tucson, AZ – To search for Sam, because searching for Sam in NYC is impossible. Then picnics on mountains with salmon.
E. Devils Tower, WY – Paul and the monument.
F. Indianapolis, IN — Black light, an empty room, black light paint, a camera…
G. Reykjavik, Iceland – bathing happily with the public, geothermic pools
H. London, United Kingdom – Stonehenge, Woodhenge, castles
I. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – bridges
J. Paris, France – Proust
K. Giza, Egypt
L. Dubai – United Arab Emirates – United Arab Emirates – because Paul is shocked that beauty exists in places where it is illegal to kiss your wife in public
M. New Delhi, Haryana, India
N. Dharamsala, India
O. Vietnam
P. Lake Taupo, Waitahanui, Waikato, New Zealand
Q. Guam
R. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — because my sister laughed at Toronto

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