Revisits of Past Events

Passing through Flagstaff for a few days, we decided to pass by some old sights and snap a few photos. However, when the wind picks up out there, it always feels like it’s time to leave. With the no trespassing sign and bullet riddled cars, we decided to move on and head south to Tucson where we had Brian waiting for us. For the past month, he has been overjoyed that we would be stopping in town to say ‘Hi’ and have a few nights of fun.

“I have said good-bye to people for greater distances and times, and, please God, I mean to see them yet again.”
- R. L. Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

“We live in a composite world, so we can see, while the demon lives in a world in balance and therefore cannot.”
- Tor Norretranders, The User Illusion

“You sense that there is something treacherous hiding behind every reef; no matter how much you explore you won’t ever know what it is.”
- Jerzy Kosinski, The Devil Tree

“Most people are probably looking for lovers with whom they can share basic interests. In my case, I’m looking for someone who can make me feel pain and fear, who can expose my real hang-ups.”
-Jerzy Kosinski, The Devil Tree

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