And we missed the boat

Today I received an email that Arnaud is going to stay up north for another week or so but Richard was on his way back south when he missed the boat and got stranded somewhere in Savusavu. Not a matter though, more Fiji Time for me! Kava is taking a backseat for awhile because there has just been too much lately, so on to more important things like perfecting my ping-pong game!

“Home: it was a phrase one used to mean four walls behind which one slept. There had never been a home.”
- Graham Greene, The Power And The Glory

“…his heart moved painfully, as when a man in love hears a stranger name a flower which is also the name of his woman.”
- Graham Greene, The Power And The Glory

“But the people of the inn, in nine cases out of ten, show themselves friendly and  considerate. As soon as you cross the doors you cease to be a stranger; and although these peasantries are rude and forbidding on the highway, they show a tincture of kind breeding when you share their hearth.”
- R. L. Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

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4 Responses to And we missed the boat

  1. Peter V. says:

    Every now and then, everyone missed a boat in some way. It may be a boat to Nadi, it may be the boat to hope, it may be the boat to destiny. You ever know when misses one boat, where the next boat coming will take you. That’s the power of freedom.

    Ok, ok, enough of my philosophy minor coming out! I know, it is boring to people.

    By the way, Good morning!

  2. Andrea A. says:

    I saw your link on Peter’s website about the trip… You will be ready to miss the boat after a boat trip with him…. He will have every joke known to mankind…. I speak from experience. (he actually grabbed my legs and held me upside down outside the boat once hehe)

    When you coming to the Philippines? We can come up with some jokes to play on him!!!!

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