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There is no place like Home… where is Home exactly? Everywhere feels like home and that is what home is. Everything! So Home on Void is constantly active, updating you on everything, from newly reached destinations, to site updates, to visual slide shows, to music, to quotes, to works that are remembered or that are discovered. All of them will be linked to one or many pages. You can search them by using the sidebar tools.

Top Project Links:
This is the quick overview or the project summary page – whatever you like. If you click on these links, they will take you to the most current work for that project and a small summary of the project description.

Sub Project Links:

These links will be added as new destinations are reached. Anything that is done within a certain period of time will be added to their category. Upon arriving in Iceland, there will be a category, for instance, Visual | Europe posted. Sometimes they will be updated upon review or at a later date, so check back often!

Sidebar Page Threads:

Use the search tool to quickly find any post or page with any search string (try your name!). The page thread sections are the posts that are tagged to the projects. These posts will be used at a later date to create some of the projects. Music will mostly be tagged to Document. Table will be tagged with quotes and songs that have lyrics to be tagged to photos as captions.

Sidebar News:

This displays the last 12 posts that were made to the Home page. Clicking on them will bring you to a comments section where you shall add things and become part of the commentary below.

Sidebar Commentary:

This displays the last 12 posts to things around the site. Only posts on the Home page have the ability to be commented on by anyone. Every comment is reviewed and edited before it is published.

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